Rio 2016: ten things you need to know – from bugs to Bolt | Barry Glendenning

Answers to all the burning questions on the forthcoming Olympics – including dangerous viruses in the water, general annoyances, unfinished infrastructure, television scheduling and Yorkshire’s projected medals haul

Nawal El Moutawakel, the head inspector of the International Olympic Committee, has said Rio is “ready to welcome the world”, but other observers seem less sure. Brazil’s financial crisis means a no-frills approach has been adopted to the various venues, many of which remain under construction. While dozens of test events have been staged, with and without spectators, the area surrounding the Olympic stadium still resembles a building site and the velodrome will not host visitors for the first time until the first day of competition. In terms of infrastructure, a planned extension to Line 4 of Rio’s underground Metro system is way behind schedule, but the Rio transportation secretary, Rodrigo Vieira, has said he has 8,000 staff working around the clock and is “completely sure that everything will be done by 1 August”. It is a ludicrously tight deadline and if Vieira’s optimism proves groundless total traffic chaos seems inevitable.

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