Rio 2016 Games may be tarnished but I’ll still be glued to every second | Barney Ronay

The buildup to these Olympics has been dispiriting, yet the Games themselves promise to be an utterly fascinating spectacle

Here it is then: the Games to end all Games. As Rio 2016 prepares to emerge from the waters, blowing the sweetcorn from its nostrils, smearing the crud from its goggles, panting for its prescription inhaler, it is easy to forget the sense of something genuinely profound and transformative in the air seven years ago when Rio was awarded these games at a starry ceremony in Copenhagen.

Barack Obama, there to back Chicago’s bid, had left before the final vote. Instead the plinth was dominated by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Brazil’s own great modernising president in the full flush of his boom?era powers, there to talk about shifting global tides, the rise of the new world, and above all his own (pre-corruption scandal, obviously) honesty and clarity.

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