Rúben Neves: ‘It’s good to have back the sensations of football’ | Paul Doyle

Wolves midfielder excited to be training properly alongside his teammates with the Premier League return finally in sight

News of the Premier League’s return is music to the ears of Rúben Neves, even if it means the guitar lessons he started during lockdown may have to fade into the background. The midfielder had just completed Wolves’ first contact training session in more than two months on Thursday when news broke that his team could return to match action on the weekend starting 19 June.

Neves can already envisage repeating his pre-match routine. “Coldplay are my favourite band and that’s the kind of music I always listen to before a game,” the 23-year-old said. “Normally the last song I listen to before I take off my headphones is Fix You. I like the words and it helps me to get concentrated for the match.”

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