Rafael Nadal v Dominic Thiem: French Open men’s final – live!

First set: Nadal* 2-3 Thiem (*denotes server): Nadal has made quite a few unforced errors. Thiem is defending pretty well. The question is whether the Austrian will still be running as hard in an hour or two. For now, however, he’s competing and his stubborn defence helps him get back to 30-all from 30-0, Nadal missing a couple of forehands. Then he earns the first break point of the final with an enormous forehand (only after failing to kill the rally with a few volleys that were somehow repelled by Nadal). A tense, punishing rally ensues. It’s hard to tell which way it will go – until Thiem takes control with another brutal forehand into the left corner. Nadal hooks it back but Thiem’s waiting to break with a smash!

First set: Nadal 2-2 Thiem* (*denotes server): Thiem skips into a 40-15 lead easily enough. He’s defending well - and he helps himself to another hold when Nadal misses an easy forehand.

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