Quiz: how well do you know your World Cup balls?

Do you know your Telstar from your Jabulani?

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The ball for the 2018 tournament is the latest iteration of the Adidas Telstar – the actually-pretty-smart-looking Telstar 18. When was the Telstar first used at a World Cup?





What was the name of this underwhelming number next to David Beckham from the 2002 tournament in Japan and South Korea?





The Divine Ponytail holds the Questra during USA 94. Why was it called Questra?

It literally means "the quest for the stars" and 1994 marked the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission

It is the name of the US city where the first football on American soil is believed to have been played

It’s a portmanteau of the Spanish words for "quest for the gold"

It’s simply Spanish for "victory"

Adidas held a poll to name the 2014 ball, with Brazuca getting over 70% of the votes. What were the other names on the ballot?

Joga ball-ito and Caxirola

Bossa Nova and Carnavalesca

Samba and Copacabana

Boabola and Rapidez

The 1982 Tango España has what claim to fame?

It was the first Tango matchball to appear at a World Cup

It was the last fully leather ball used at a World Cup

It is the heaviest ball ever used at a World Cup

It was also used at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona

Who made the ball at the 1966 tournament?





The ball for the 1962 tournament was so useless it was replaced by the one used in Sweden 1958 – the Top Star. The demise of the 1962 ball, made by Chilean manufacturer Zamora, is something of a shame as it had an eye-catching name. What was it?

Mr Crack

Mr Smack

Mr Whack

Mr Spank

Nigel De Jong crashes his boot into Xabi Alonso’s chest, presumably confused by the fact that, having played with the Jabulani for the whole tournament in 2010, a new ball was used for the final. What was it called?


Tango 14 Africa



These flourishes on the Tricolore, used at France 1998, are supposed to represent what?

The Gallic cockerel, high-speed trains and the turbine

The Eiffel Tower

The waves that crash against the west coast of France

Liberté, égalité and fraternité

What’s the name of this ball being nodded away by the Germany head coach Jürgen Klinsmann?





10 and above.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

9 and above.

So close!

8 and above.

Champions League level

7 and above.

Europa League level

6 and above.

Just outside the European places

5 and above.

Mid-table safety

4 and above.

Work to do

3 and above.

Below average

2 and above.

Pretty poor

0 and above.


1 and above.

Not great

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