Project Pitlane: how rival F1 teams united in battle against Covid-19

When the British government called for ventilators teams dismissed their usual secrecy and enmity, calling a truce as the frontline of their battle shifted to face the virus

The recent struggles of Formula One once more contorting itself over budget cap disagreements have illustrated the fierce, often hostile, rivalry that is an almost inexorable current flowing through the sport. With the budget-cap changes finally agreed, F1’s focus now is on the calendar – and resuming those rivalries – so it is perhaps worth noting there was ample evidence as the coronavirus outbreak engulfed the world of just what a remarkable force the sport can be when it bends its collective will to a single purpose.

Galvanised by the British government’s call for ventilators, F1’s response, requiring teams to dismiss both secrecy and enmity, might have seemed unlikely. Yet for the man at the heart of the operation it was no surprise that when it mattered the sport delivered a triumph of camaraderie over competitive instinct.

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