Premier League and FA Cup semi-finals team news: weekend countdown – live!

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, to another Friday, ahead of another weekend, as another season stumbles towards the finishing line. Plenty to be talking about today: Liverpool can go back top of the Premier League if they beat Southampton tonight, there are a few other Premier League games to be looking at over the coming days, there’s a pair of FA Cup semi-finals on Saturday and Sunday, a spicy selection of games in the Championship, we’ll have a decent idea of who will win the Bundesliga after Dortmund face Bayern on Saturday, Juventus could effectively win Serie A for the eighth (8th) time in a row should they beat Milan and Napoli lose to Genoa, PSG will be Ligue 1 champs once more should results go their way, plus a whole bunch of other stuff.

Football! Great, isn’t it. Even when it’s not great, it’s always here. Reliable. Dependable. Here to enjoy, to be annoyed by, to generally tune out the noise of life.

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