Premier League and Championship: 10 things to look out for this weekend

Spurs get the chance to put pressure on Chelsea, Sigurdsson’s opportunity to impress Everton and Forest, Blackburn and Birmingham scrap to survive

The likelihood is that Tottenham Hotspur’s chance to win the title vanished with Chelsea’s win at Goodison Park, making their deconstruction of Arsenal all the more impressive. And well though they played in that game, this was not even Spurs at their best, rather a simple assertion of immense, intense superiority: a team so grooved, with players so good, that they need only play fairly well to win, which they do more or less every week. Their win over Arsenal was also impressive because it showed their progression from last season. The collective misplacement of swede once the title seemed lost, though entertaining and sustaining, did not suggest a team poised to make the ultimate leap; on the other hand, their calm, ruthless degradation of their local rivals dripped with future menace.

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