Poor Arabian dismount is not enough to wipe the smile off Ellie Downie’s face

For Britain’s gymnastic women this has been a tale of two sisters as the Downies shared wildly different experiences at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

When Becky Downie competed in the Beijing Olympics, her sister Ellie was only nine and had no idea it was such a big deal. Now that she has competed in an all-around final on her Olympic debut at 17, Ellie has changed her tune. “It’s really amazing to be here,” she said after a strong debut in the all-around final. “And to know I have so much more to give.”

Halfway round, a seventh-placed Downie had hopes to contend for a medal as several of the leaders were struggling on the beam. But she mistimed a leap to the lower bar and was left spinning round it like a malfunctioning Catherine wheel. “I think that was just a little bit of a lack of concentration which is annoying,” she said.

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