Phil Neville: ‘This is the biggest and best thing I have ever done’

The England manager explains why leading his players at the Women’s World Cup will be the absolute pinnacle of his career

By The Coaches’ Voice for the Guardian Sport Network

I do my best thinking when I’m out running. When I’m out in the hills around Manchester, that’s when my head clears. That’s when I think about the things I’m going to say to my players in the biggest moments. Because those are the moments when they look to you for reassurance. For support, encouragement and belief. Those are the moments when, as a manager, you really have to earn your money.

Taking England to the Women’s World Cup this summer is the biggest thing that I’ve ever done in my professional life. Throughout my whole career as a player I dreamed about going to a World Cup. Now, I have the opportunity to go to one as the England women’s manager, with 23 unbelievably talented footballers who are desperate for success. Standing on the touchline as their manager fills me with incredible pride.

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