Phil Gartside among nine summonsed to answer perjury or fraud allegations

• Exclusive: Bolton chairman to appear in court next month
• Agent Jerome Anderson and ex-player Gavin McCann named
• Case relates to legal fight with rival football agent Tony McGill

Phil Gartside, the Bolton Wanderers chairman, has been summonsed to appear in front of magistrates to answer allegations of perjury and fraud, along with the club’s former manager Sammy Lee, the former player Gavin McCann and some of the more influential agents in the business, in what could be, if it proceeds, one of the biggest court cases of its kind in the sport.

Gartside is summonsed to answer five allegations of perjury and one of fraud while Bolton, the club, have also been summonsed to appear in court next month in relation to allegations of making “numerous false and representational contracts” in June and July 2007.

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