Peter Roebuck’s Somerset dilemma a window into how much has changed | The Spin

The former Somerset captain’s 30-year-old diaries reveal not only the strain the Taunton split placed on him, but also a county game almost unrecognisable now

It’s only when you turn back that you realise how distant the past has become, that all those days since add up to a very long time indeed. It’s been more than 30 years since the scandal at Somerset, the spat that split the club, the team and its supporters, led to the dismissal of Viv Richards and Joel Garner, and the departure of Ian Botham. The unlamented anniversary would surely have passed unremarked. But then the diaries of Somerset’s old captain, Peter Roebuck, were found among his papers, published in PDF by his family, and publicised by David Hopps, who wrote a very good article about them over on Cricinfo. Roebuck was the man, rightly or wrongly, who shouldered much of the blame for what went on.

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