Peter Beardsley: how Newcastle great ended up facing bullying accusations | Louise Taylor

The 56-year-old was a tremendous player but he has now been placed on gardening leave during an internal investigation into alleged bullying and racism

Peter Beardsley has always been a man of contradictions. As an immensely gifted footballer regularly dubbed a genius by team-mates, he was very much a dressing?room outsider. As a coach, he represents an awkward amalgam of expansive Pep Guardiola-style tactical vision and a narrowly old?fashioned mindset.

On the pitch Beardsley cut a thrillingly anarchic, creative and improvisational figure who, by joining the dots between midfield and attack, somehow invariably succeeded in also being a quintessential team player. Off it, though, a man who sometimes gave the impression he would have been happier playing in an earlier era never seemed afraid to stand alone.

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