Pakistan v Sri Lanka: Cricket World Cup 2019 – live!

10am, half an hour before the scheduled start, and the toss has been delayed because of rain.

Live from Brissle.

At this World Cup were told to expect a deluge of runs, a flood of fun, a downpour of excitement. Today, however, we are expected to get just a deluge, a downpour, and potentially a flood. The Met Office, Britain’s meteorological masters, have issued a yellow weather warning. “Flooding of a few homes and businesses is likely,” they say. This is not promising. They suggest a 90% chance of rain in Bristol at 10am, rising to in excess of 95% between 11am and 1pm. At 2pm it drops to 80% and the afternoon looks (comparatively) much better, never exceeding a 60% chance of precipitation with just a 10% chance in the hour after 3pm. There needs to be enough dry time to squeeze at least 20 overs a side between the showers in order for the result to stand, and there are no reserve days set aside until the semi-finals.

Potentially useful information for ticket-holders: you’ll get a full refund if no more than 15 overs are played, and a 50% refund if more than 15 overs but fewer than 30 overs are completed.

Bristol. 9.15am. Match day. Good luck Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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