Oystons ordered to buy out Blackpool shareholder for £31m after losing court battle

• High court judge finds Oystons ‘unfairly prejudiced’ Valeri Belokon
• Owen Oyston and son Karl paid out £26.77m to companies they owned

A high court judge has ruled that Owen Oyston and his son Karl, the owners of Blackpool football club, ran the club improperly for years by failing to take a minority shareholder into account after promotion to the Premier League in 2010, during which they paid out £26.77m to companies they owned.

The judgment, handed down on Monday in the Rolls building in London following five weeks of evidence this summer, found that the Oystons running of Blackpool had therefore “unfairly prejudiced” the Latvian banker Valeri Belokon who paid £4.5m for a 20% stake in the club in 2006.

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