Olympics opening ceremony 2016: Rio kickstarts the Games – live

Our own Bryan Graham is at the stadium, and says security is tight:

If the Maracanã Stadium is not the most safeguarded public space in the world right now it certainly feels like it. The atmosphere around the 66-year-old ground, one of only two venues to host two World Cup finals, can best be described as a demilitarized zone: roads have been closed throughout the area with only official vehicles granted clearance through security checkpoints. As our bus from the main press center in Barra made the final approach, uniformed officers from a various forces and agencies could be seen scattered throughout the area: positioned on ramps and nearby rooftops, inspecting trash bins, moving about in loose formations.

The demonstrations do not seem as big or as violent as those before the World Cup in 2014, but there is still clearly a lot of frustration.

The latest in Saens Pena has just been broken up by Military Police shock troops, apparently using percussion grenades. Families in the main plaza were sent running, according to Chris Gaffney, a senior researcher at the University of Zurich. He said the police response was disproportionate because the crowd was peaceful and the demonstration had begun winding down from a peak of about 450 people to about 150 - and were outnumbered by almost twice that number of police.

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