Olivier Giroud saves Arsenal from homemade chaos in Leicester thriller

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to a new season reminiscent of the old at the Emirates. Arsenal’s penchant for starting seasons by getting a wobble in early has become something of an epidemic. The storyline for another opening act at home followed a familiarly fretful and pressurised script, with Leicester leading 3-2 as the game tilted towards its conclusion. Arsenal twisted the tale with a theatrical flourish as late strikes from Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud sent shudders through north London. The Frenchman ensured his compatriot Alexandre Lacazette will not easily be the big man up front in these parts.

The good news for Arsenal supporters is they broke their transfer record for a striker, but the bad news is they ended their first game of the season with a classically dysfunctional defence. It was an extraordinary combination – a midfield player at right-back, two left-backs at centre-back and a right-back at left-back. Confused? Who wouldn’t be.

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