Ole needs a sporting director with United in his veins – Gary Neville | Eni Aluko

Ole Gunnar Solskjær could do with help at Manchester United and Gary Neville is a club legend with business experience

In the week Ole Gunnar Solskjær was confirmed as Manchester United’s permanent manager, I’ve been in New York to complete my executive master for international players, which is run by Uefa. It’s been an important commitment for the past two years and I’ve really enjoyed learning about the business side of sports organisations and seeing how they do things differently to football.

One of the biggest aspects I’ve noticed is the importance of sporting directors in US sports – for example all the teams in the NFL and NBA have been using that model for several years and it is now becoming a crucial role in football as well. It’s so important to have someone who is a steady presence and is going to set the culture of the club regardless of who the manager is.

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