Norway’s historic pay deal for women’s team shows it can be done | Suzanne Wrack

The Norwegian FA’s decision to offer male and female international players equal pay comes at a time when women’s teams are still battling for fairness

A standard has been set. Last week the Norwegian football association announced that their women’s national team will now be paid the same as their men’s side. They are the first national FA to have devised an equal pay deal, just a few months after Lewes vowed to do the same for their semi-professional players at The Dripping Pan. This latest deal is especially significant, coming at a time when women’s national teams are standing up and demanding more from the shirt they pull on, and the countries they represent on the international stage.

International women footballers have had enough of low wages – or even having to pay to play – shoddy facilities, a lack of respect and what is often less than second-rate treatment. In recent years , they have been met with resistance from out-of-touch boardrooms. Players have been forced to organise and threaten action to win concessions that are often miles from any demand for parity.

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