No amount of Marcelo Bielsa’s genius can save Leeds from a bumpy ride | Jonathan Wilson

Just because his methods can elevate players to unanticipated heights does not mean his squad is not subject to strain

The temptation after a team, particularly a promoted team, has lost back-to-back games 4-1 is to suggest they need to go back to basics, rein in their exuberance and keep things tight. But Marcelo Bielsa will not do that. Leeds have lost three of their past four games and slipped down the table – albeit they went into the weekend with a four-point lead over the bottom five – but he has never compromised before and he is not about to start at home to Arsenal on Sunday afternoon.

That is Bielsa’s greatest strength and his greatest weakness. His style is high-risk and that means his sides are never entirely in control and that in turn renders his football, even more than most, open to multiple interpretations.

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