NFL Talkboard and Pick Six: who takes Wild Card weekend?

The Lions have a chance against the Cowboys, while the Panthers’ run is set to continue

Happy New Year, everybody! And Happy Playoffs! A “whole new season”, as you might have heard some players and pundits claim in the last few weeks. That might not strictly be true for the pros, but it certainly is right here on the NFL Talkboard, where our Pick Six contest is succeeded by Pick The Playoffs. After the Super Bowl, we will combine scores from both to establish our overall champion.

For now I can tell you that the Pick Six finished in a three-way tie. aojigbo led the way going into week 17, but a score of just three out of six allowed DevonGiant and Dsizzle2013 to pull level. Each called 71 games correctly out of a possible 102 over the course of the season – giving them a remarkable average of 4.17 per week. Do join me in a virtual standing ovation for all three.

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