NFL predictions: unfancied Broncos to meet Panthers in Super Bowl 50

The Patriots are favourites to win in Denver, but the Broncos can take another AFC championship; pick Carolina to continue their hot form against Arizona

Perfection is an elusive goal. Just ask the 2007 New England Patriots. Or perhaps even this year’s Carolina Panthers team.

And yet, with just three games left to call in our Pick The Playoffs contest, 15 participants can still boast a perfect record. Hats off to antjclark, dvkzf1, fallonyou, GeoffreyManboob, GlennyTheElder, Gruagain, homebrewer, Humean, lawrencetaylor56, MADA71, MAG1964, peteym, Sonar, Steve Mansfield and tgiblin for correctly predicting the outcome of all eight postseason games so far. How many, if any, will maintain their hot streak through the conference championship weekend?

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