NFL playoff predictions: Russell Wilson to lead Seahawks to victory over Lions

The regular season’s Pick Six contest is done and dusted, and now Pick the Playoffs can begin. This week, go for Houston, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Green Bay

For NFL teams, the playoffs represent the culmination of months of hard graft. But here on the Guardian sport blog, they simply represent a fresh start. Our regular season Pick Six contest is at an end, but now it is time for the Pick the Playoffs to begin.

First, though, we must crown our regular season champion. In past years, this has often been a close-run thing, but this time it was not at all; castigers has led the way for weeks and held off one final late push from the chasing pack to finish two points clear in first place. Let’s have everyone on their feet to whoop, holler, and applaud. And maybe leave a nice congratulatory message in the comments section below.

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