NFL player Malcolm Jenkins won’t protest anymore. That’s for the best | Ameer Hasan Loggins

The black player never fully understood the gesture of the raised fist. His decision to end his protest is no great loss to the movement

Malcolm Jenkins, the Philadelphia Eagles safety and face of the Players Coalition, said this week that he would end his practice of raising his right fist during the playing of the star-spangled banner, after the NFL agreed to provide $89m to programs promoting the goals the coalition wants to achieve.

While there is so much to write about the details surrounding the deal struck between the Players Coalition and the NFL, I want to focus on Malcolm Jenkins and why I agree with his abandonment of raising his fist during the playing of the national anthem. To do so I’m going to, as he posted on Twitter, go back to “where we began” for him (and the Players Coalition) – his ride along with the Philadelphia police department.

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