New Zealand v Bangladesh: ICC Champions Trophy – live!

9th over: New Zealand 54-1 (Guptill 32, Williamson 6). Hiiiii Kane. Mashrafe, into his fifth over, hits that fourth stump line. Williamson, deep in the crease and on the balls of his feet, times it to the rope. Not the swing of a cut, nor the jolt of a punch. Have it. Proving he is human though, tries it on again to end the over and beaten outside the off-stump with one that swings away. Good bowling. The 50 up in that over as well.

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8th over: New Zealand 48-1 (Guptill 31, Williamson 1). Welcome, Kane. Hi Kane. You little gem. You prince. You gorgeous thing. Stay a while? Off the mark with a little dab to third man. All the time in the world. I’ll end up saying that a fair bit.

More from Simon. It’s the man of the hour, Jezza. What’s he about to roll out there? A little ortho? Out the back of the hand? Some frog-in-blenders? I do hope his next stanza as Opposition Leader allows us to find out.

@collinsadam Jezza

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