New Zealand in contingency mode as Steve Hansen wrestles with problems

All Blacks arrive at Twickenham to face the Barbarians with their World Cup buildup having been severely disrupted – a situation that is forcing their unflappable coach to blood untested players

Turns out we had it wrong all along. It’s not the cockroaches who will inherit the earth after the apocalypse, Steve Hansen will still be there too. At least, that is how the marketing team for Arnott’s Biscuits imagine it will go down.

Hansen is the unlikely star of their new ad campaign in a lavish little film directed by Zoë Bell. It’s about how (bear with me) a shortage of Tim Tams led to the breakdown of civilised society in New Zealand. As one of Arnott’s executives said: “Who wouldn’t want to make a movie with Steve Hansen about a biscuit apocalypse?”

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