New York City FC may be better off without Frank Lampard

With players like Steven Gerrard on the market, the new franchise could have a chance to forge their own identity

“We want to be New Yorkers. We are building a truly authentic New York team. This is not a Manchester City team or a brand play or a marketing trick - this is real”. Ferran Soriano, CEO of New York City, has repeated that line so often that you could be forgiven for thinking he felt his dual role as CEO of Manchester City raised suspicions.

Yet after choosing to name their MLS club City and dress them in the English club’s colours, the club do indeed look rather like a a pale blue imitation of the real thing. And now Frank Lampard, instead of being the face of NYFC’s first season, will remain at the Etihad Stadium until the end of the Premier League campaign – because that is what Manchester City wanted.

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