New shape of sport begins to emerge: team games and elite level set to lose out | Sean Ingle

Monday’s announcements from the government offer a little clarity but while some sports can see green shoots of recovery, for others there are few reasons for optimism

Finally, after weeks of claustrophobia and a weekend of confusion, some clarity. From Wednesday, tennis players and golfers in England will be able to lubricate rusty swings and overly tight hips again. Basketball players will be able to dunk and shoot from downtown. And all outdoor sports facilities will be allowed to open, with the sole exception of open-air swimming pools.

People will even be able to exercise with someone outside their households – a sweet blessing for personal trainers, coaches, and those driven up fingerprint-stained walls by their families. The only catch? Social distancing guidelines will still have to be rigorously followed. So no doubles matches or fourballs, yet.

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