NBA players unhappy with their NBA 2K18 video game ratings

  • ‘What? That’s bullcrap,’ says Joel Embiid after learning of his 86 ranking
  • Cover star Kyrie Irving falls well short of his own rating prediction

In what is fast becoming a kind of annual revenge of the nerds, NBA 2K video game developers have revealed a number of player skill ratings for the 2018 version of the game, leaving a few of the league’s millionaire stars decidedly unhappy.

Injury-prone Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid is the most disgruntled of the lot. Having been asked where he felt his ranking would sit for the newest version of the game, Embiid said: “Well, it’s kind of hard to rate me, because I felt like last year, when I was on the court, I was the best defender in the league, and then as a big man I can do everything – shoot threes, post up, handle the ball, be a playmaker – so I’ll be honest, I should be at least 95.”

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