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Congratulations to the Guardian for its role in the campaign to save Millwall FC from the developers. Barney Ronay is not strictly correct, however, in saying that only the Lib Dem leader Tim Farron backed the opposition to the scheme “while other leaders remained silent” (Sport, 26 January). The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition co-founder Bob Crow, a lifelong Millwall fan, opposed the scheme from the start and, just days before his tragically early death in 2014, was urging Lions fans to lobby a Lewisham council meeting. This fight has been a long one and it is the local working-class community that has won it.
Clive Heemskerk
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national agent

• “Look, does nobody else feel that Rob has had a rough old deal?” asks the sainted Ms Banks-Smith (A month in Ambridge, G2, 1 February). Yes, Nancy, I do. It’s a creeping twinge of sympathy which, until your question, had dared not speak its name.
Maggie Winkworth

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