Mutual back scratching between Australia and India leads to pot of gold | Scott Heinrich

They might be the fiercest of rivals on the field, but off it the two nations can be the snuggest of bedfellows when it suits them

In the end it was much ado about nothing. The fate of this year’s men’s T20 World Cup, among other agenda items, has been deferred until 10 June after Thursday’s much-anticipated International Cricket Council board meeting was hijacked by concerns over “confidentiality”, prompting an independent investigation into the matter that the ICC says will be undertaken by its own ethics officer and “supported by global experts”.

As host nation of the competition, these are days Australia can seemingly ill afford to waste. But in truth everything is falling nicely into place for a domestic ruling body crying poor at every turn. Although the ICC is playing down suggestions the T20 World Cup will be postponed, there isn’t a figure in the game who isn’t convinced otherwise.

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