Mohamed Elyounoussi: ‘Be humble, work hard for what you want in life’ | Jacob Steinberg

The Southampton winger and Norway international lives by his parents’ values and has never allowed success to go to his head

As Mohamed Elyounoussi thinks back to the days helping his father run a pizza restaurant in Sarpsborg, feelings of pride and gratitude rise in Southampton’s Norwegian midfielder. Some teenagers might have moaned about having to spend their spare time mixing dough and serving customers but Elyounoussi could be found behind the counter even after playing for Sarpsborg 08’s first team. “Some of the people who were at the game came to order pizza and saw me,” he says. “There were some funny moments.”

It is an amusing image, the young star removing his boots and heading for a shift at Park Pizza, but Elyounoussi is thankful to his parents for enabling him to keep his gifted feet on the ground throughout his career. He has never allowed his success to go to his head and even admits to being starstruck when he met Roger Federer during his time at Basel. “These are the values my parents gave me,” Elyounoussi says. “Always be humble. Always work hard for what you want in life.”

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