Mike Tyson’s crazy comeback talk is the perfect lockdown story | Barney Ronay

This is an ideal confection of nostalgia and viral oddity – with an eerie synchronicity for anyone who, like me, has spent their confinement watching Tyson’s startling early career blitz

Mike Tyson wants to make a comeback. And who can blame him? So do I. So do you. So does the retail industry, going to school, having fun, being a grandparent, having a job and going to the corner shop without standing outside in a face mask looking like a socially awkward moped thief.

In Tyson’s case it seems unlikely the comeback talk amounts to a serious plan, at least not one that will extend beyond some kind of hairspray-and-steroids boxer-tainment. Tyson is 53 years old. No matter how good he looks hitting the pads – and of course he does: this is a man with a kind of magic in his hands – the prospect of anyone that age absorbing heavyweight punches is pretty grim.

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