Michael Jolley set to test methods against ‘role model’ Roy Hodgson | Louise Taylor

Grimsby’s manager says he cannot think of ‘anyone better’ to learn from than his counterpart at Crystal Palace

At first glance, Michael Jolley and Roy Hodgson might not seem to have much in common but the reality is very different. Admittedly, they are separated by a 30-year age gap and their teams sit 67 rungs apart on the league ladder yet the conversation is unlikely to dry up when the managers of Grimsby Town and Crystal Palace share a post-match drink following Saturday evening’s third-round tie at Selhurst Park.

When Grimsby’s Jolley refers to Hodgson as a “role model” it is no empty platitude. Like the former England coach, the Cambridge University economics graduate began his managerial career in Sweden and, like his 71-year-old Palace counterpart, has never felt the need to conform to a British football culture still sometimes slightly suspicious of more cerebral thinkers.

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