Michael Carrick: ‘Depression over a game sounds extreme but I felt in a very dark place’

The Manchester United coach talks about the guilt that gripped him after the 2009 Champions League final, guiding young players though pitfalls and dishing out rollickings

Michael Carrick tells a story about the first time he encountered Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United when, by his own admission, he might not have made quite the impression he intended.

Carrick had just arrived from Tottenham. Ferguson had passed him the No 16 shirt vacated by Roy Keane and was giving him the big introductory speech. “We’re used to winning at Manchester United, you know? The scrutiny is different to what you’re used to. Everyone looks at you differently when you’re at Manchester United. Everyone wants to beat you, everyone wants a piece of you, everyone wants to criticise you, everyone’s after you.”

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