Melbourne v Collingwood: Queen’s birthday AFL clash – live!

Pies goal! 2nd quarter (16:40 remaining) Melbourne 3.4 (22) vs Collingwood 5.4 (34)

Ooft, Jordan De Goey was bounding towards an open goal here but Tom McDonald got very big on him very quickly and smothered an attempted handball to relieve the pressure. After a moment in which the ball’s in dispute, Travis Varcoe gets on the end of a ‘hit and hope’ pass, bumping Neville Jetta out of the way far too easily and then converting the set shot from 25 metres out. Hmm, that wasn’t great from Jetta. He needed to get an effective spoil in there and got nowhere close.

Dees goal! 2nd quarter (18:29 remaining) Melbourne 3.4 (22) vs Collingwood 4.4 (28)

Stopping to speak to Seven in the break, Dees coach-in-waiting Simon Goodwin said, “We’ve probably overused the ball a little bit,” and that his sideneed to slow the Pies down. Hitting a target inside 50 might also help. Moments later Jack Trengove is stabs through a 25 metres set shot so that the Dees claim first blood in the quarter. That wasn’t entirely convincing but it did the job.

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