Melbourne Cup 2016: horses, form, fashion and latest tips – live!

The boss is back. Mike Hytner from Flemington.

Wandering into and around the racecourse this morning, you can’t escape the feeling that today really is a big deal. There’s a palpable anticipation in the air that this is a special event - earlier there was even a squadron of helicopters whizzing in and out on apparent airborne taxi duty, adding to the other worldly feel to it all. And I haven’t even checked out the Birdcage yet. Meanwhile, under the Hill Stand, queues for coffee are shortening, and the line for frozen cocktails increasing, ominously. Maybe it’s time to get along to the Birdcage.

Sort After from start to finish. Impressive. Gai Waterhouse wins the first two races of the day. Has Excess Knowledge in The Big One at 3pm for those who like that as an omen. Granted, it’s paying a million bucks. Maybe not so long now? “Gai hasn’t had two winners in the carnival since 2008,” Bruce informs us. “Excess Knowledge is shortening by the minute.” Yeah mate, I typed that before you said it.

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