McLaren arrive at Silverstone with talented team driving their resurgence

Performance engineer Amelia Lewis is at the heart of the team’s rebuilding process and their mission to be a force once more

Fine weather or foul McLaren have done little but ride out storms at recent British Grand Prix meetings. The team return to the race this weekend, however, in their best shape for some time. From their young drivers to the very heart of the team in Woking there is now a palpable sense that they are back on track in their attempt to return to the front of the grid.

Better still fans at Silverstone can enjoy their resurgence in the hands of a homegrown talent, Lando Norris. He is rated by those who work with him closely as mature beyond his years and destined for great things. This week McLaren reasserted their confidence in him by extending the 19-year-old’s contract by three years.

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