Max Verstappen eager to headline in Canada but without the Monaco mishaps

The Dutch driver is arguably the most entertaining in F1, but he will be keen to keep his Red Bull on the track and in the points at the Canadian Grand Prix

Entertaining as it might be for the rest of us, Max Verstappen will probably be hoping his rollercoaster ride since being promoted from Toro Rosso to the senior squad at Red Bull will only be on a gentle incline in Canada. Up or down, the crucial part is that it ends with a decent finish in the points and no incidents. What he cannot afford, if he is to maintain his strong claim to be a future world champion, is any hint of the errors that cost him so dearly at the last round in Monaco, where he crashed three times over the race weekend.

Verstappen stepped up to Red Bull from Toro Rosso on 5 May, replacing Daniil Kvyat just days after the Russian Grand Prix. He had been impressive at Toro Rosso, aggressive, unafraid to throw his car about and try moves that were bold and thrilling. He was unphased by either the circuits he was experiencing for the first time or the exalted company he was now racing against. That almost all of his previous experience of single-seater car racing was one season in Formula 3, made it even more impressive.

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