Masks, tests and no-contact training: Premier League faces hurdles | Will Unwin

Serious difficulties remain before the Premier League can return safely in June, with players worried about the impact

Footballers are the ones we rely on to provide that much-needed entertainment, the spontaneity that reruns of Euro 96 and Only Fools and Horses cannot provide. There are, however, numerous hurdles to jump before Premier League clubs can even get on to the training ground uniformly and, assuming they do make it back to the hallowed turf, things will get more complicated.

Without using public transport the players are due soon to return to work, washkit in hand, ready to potentially restart a season three months since the most recent match. The Premier League is aiming to resume the season on the weekend of 13-14 June. The first step to allowing the world to witness England’s top flight again will be physically distanced training where participants need to keep two metres apart.

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