Martine Wright: ‘They are penalising people who have really got a disability’

Survivor of 7/7 who became a Paralympian talks about the power of disability sport and the impact of austerity

There is nothing about Martine Wright’s story that is not extraordinary. The last survivor to be pulled from the wreckage of the 7/7 terror attack at Aldgate that took place 12 years ago, the morning after London celebrated being awarded the 2012 Olympic Games. She remembers seeing one of her legs fused to the ceiling of the tube carriage she was travelling in but, incredibly, went on to make a new life as a double leg amputee, becoming one of the iconic figures of the Paralympic Games.

The 44-year-old is frequently asked whether she would change things if she could. Her answer would surprise most people. “If I could turn back the clock I wouldn’t change anything. I mean, I’d really think about it, but seriously – hand on heart – I don’t think I would. Because I believe I’m a better person from going through that. I’m more empathetic to people. I’m stronger.”

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