Mare of a season: Weston need miracle to avoid first-ever relegation | Tim Lewis

They were formed in 1887 but Weston-super-Mare FC’s proud record of never being demoted looks certain to end

Right, pub-quiz trivia time. Which English football club of long (100-years-plus) standing has never been relegated? I’ll give you a few moments. Obviously it is not Manchester United: they were famously relegated as recently as 1974, while in the 1920s and 1930s, the club was known for yo-yo’ing between the top two divisions. Liverpool were relegated in 1954 and spent five years in the wilderness until Bill Shankly turned their fortunes around. Arsenal are close but a dismal campaign in 1912-13 saw the London team – then known as Woolwich Arsenal – go down.

No, the club I am thinking of shares a legend with Celtic, Internazionale, Ajax and Barcelona. In fact, their achievement technically outshines those footballing behemoths: Celtic, the oldest club never to have been relegated, date back to 1890. This club was founded in 1887.

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