Manny Pacquiao’s removal of trainer just another ride on boxing’s carousel | Kevin Mitchell

Ructions are so common in boxing that the apparent dismissal of Freddie Roach passed with little comment

Manny Pacquiao sounds like a confused fighter in the autumn of his career or, at the very least, the team around him are in disarray. Last week the Filipino force of nature appeared to sack his trainer, Freddie Roach, after 17 years and 34 fights, at the very time when he should be gearing up for what may be his farewell appearance, against the welterweight champion, Lucas Matthysse. On Monday the 39-year-old congressman announced he was reconsidering his options.

“Contrary to statements which I personally did not make that are circulating in the media,” Pacquaio said, “I have not made my final decision who will be my head trainer for my 14 July fight [in Kuala Lumpur] with Matthysse.”

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