Magnus Carlsen v Fabiano Caruana: World Chess Championship, Game 1 – live!

Caruana takes his time and proceeds with 15. Raf1 and Carlsen responds with 15. ... Qd6, opening the path for his king to hide on the queenside. The clock keeps ticking down on the American challenger, who has less than 32 minutes (and counting) to make 25 moves before the time control. He’s had his hands full with Carlsen’s aggression in this opening game (1. ... c5 and 14. ... g5, most notably).

The American then goes with 16. Ng4 and Carlsen castles (16. ... O-O-O). Says Russian grandmaster Sasha Grischuk: “Sometimes Magnus can lose his sense of danger, but so far he’s playing this game brilliantly.”

Carlsen delivers something of a crowd-pleaser with 14. ... g5. It’s an ambitious stroke that suggests he’s not simply content to get rid of a black game. Meanwhile, reports of frigid temperatures in the playing hall appear to be confirmed by Carlsen’s decision to put a coat on.

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