Luke Hodge will hang up his boots with a CV to rival any in AFL history | Jonathan Howcroft

When people wonder how Hawthorn could become so good and remain so good for so long, it’s because of individuals like the hawkeyed Hodge

The AFL’s licensed work of art to commemorate the career of Luke Hodge features the Hawthorn veteran’s steely-eyes staring back into the face of the viewer. Even inanimate Hodge is the alpha, goading the onlooker to avert their gaze. There’s no way he’s blinking first.

In the portrait Hodge stands with his arms wide, palms down, reminiscent of a hawk in flight. Behind him, from wingtip to wingtip are four premiership cups. Around his neck hang four premiership medallions and, for good measure, two Norm Smiths. Above him, the unambiguous title spells greatness.

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