Liverpool’s symmetrical full-backs have turned them into world leaders | Barney Ronay

For all the protests from Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, this match was not settled by marginal refereeing decisions

It is the hardest thing in any sport to make astonishingly difficult things look astonishingly simple. With 13 minutes gone at Anfield Liverpool produced a piece of play that seemed to stop the day, a perfect little miniature of bold, simple lines, carved across the pitch, like a Miro line drawing.

It took six seconds, four touches and three diagonal movements for the ball to travel from right-back to left wing, back to inside-right, then back again into the left-hand corner of the net. The moment of ignition came from Trent Alexander?Arnold, who looked up and played one of those lofted cross?kicks, full-back to full-back.

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