Liverpool’s Curtis Jones enjoys the midfield battle and comes of age

Young midfielder played with wonderful control, swift feet and calmness despite the close attentions of an equally compelling Pierre-Emile HĂžjbjerg

And: breathe again. We really must do a few more of these injury?ravaged, muscle-fatigued, migraine-football nightmares. On a wild night, Liverpool and Tottenham produced a mind-bogglingly tense, tight, pummelling game of football.

There has been some rather prim displeasure expressed in some quarters at the level of high?end quality dished up of late in the Premier League. Has it conceivably dipped a little? (Probably not.) Is there a sense some of these matches might have been more fevered in front of a full house? In reality, there has been a startling intensity to much of the football played. But nothing quite like this.

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