Liverpool v Exeter City: FA Cup third-round replay – live!

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“That is something that does not really make sense to talk to the press about.” A wonderful line from Jurgen Klopp, there. It could be applied to absolutely anything, and he should probably start using it all the time. Though just to be clear: in this instance it concerned Klopp’s plan for turning the confidence-free Christian Benteke into the kind of striker required at Liverpool.

Mind you, we can take a wild stab in the dark regarding the plan ourselves. The plan: convince the big man to run about. Benteke has an unfortunate habit of drifting off into dreamy dreamland, a habit incompatible with Klopp’s philosophy of gegenpressing (German for Running About). He’s got to show a bit of willing. And, to this end, will probably tonight be yet again thrown in with the kids to face Exeter City.

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