Liverpool remain a selling club and face challenge in convincing Coutinho to stay | Paul Wilson

Barcelona want the Brazilian to follow Luis Suárez to Barcelona, leaving Jürgen Klopp with a potential hole in his team just as the season is about to start

An unhappy transfer window for Liverpool has every chance of becoming grimmer still should Philippe Coutinho make a £100m-plus move to Barcelona, and though some well-rehearsed arguments are being heard from both sides over whether the club should make a stand or accept the inevitable, there is an unpalatable truth beneath all the posturing that is not being shouted so loudly.

This is, simply and briefly, that Liverpool are a selling club. They might not see themselves that way, they might keep denying it and taking encouragement from Jürgen Klopp insisting that no means no, but Liverpool simply have to be a selling club because they have not won a title in over a quarter of a century and are now only occasional participants in the Champions League.

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