Liverpool get out of jail as Alderweireld’s late own goal earns victory over Spurs

The clock was ticking towards the 90-minute mark when the final, decisive blow sparked those euphoric scenes. Liverpool were just a few minutes away from a result that – who knows? – was threatening to be a grievous setback in the race for the Premier League title. But then the ball was aimed high towards Mohamed Salah at the far post and what happened next, put bluntly, changed everything.

Suddenly it did not seem quite so important that Salah had seemed like he was weighed down by the expectations. Hugo Lloris, the Tottenham goalkeeper, had not been able to hold on to his header. The loose ball bounced against Toby Alderweireld, the nearest defender, and start trickling towards the goalline. Alderweireld still had the opportunity to spare himself but, almost in slow motion, kicked the ground with his attempt at a recovery. How important might this own goal be in the next six weeks? And what an incredible moment of fortune to put Jürgen Klopp’s team back on top of the table.

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